Web Site Development

Some people use paints as their artistic medium, others use pen and ink, I use websites as my medium for expressing my creativity.

My first web site was for The Wellington Society of Madrid. While arranging for a tour of Madrid over 20 years ago, I noticed how primitive this company’s website was (it was the early days of the World Wide Web). For fun, I purchased some web creation software and got the work. I was delighted with the results. I offered it to the owner of the company, and we became close friends. A lot has changed with this business and the technology. What you see on this page is the latest iterations reflecting changes in his business and web practices in general.

The rest of web sites on the page for organizations I am involved with and for local companies and organizations I’ve been introduced to. 

I really enjoy helping people and businesses. I you are in need a website, please be in touch. 

The Wellington Society of Madrid

The Wellington Society of Madrid is an historical society dedicated to the history of the Peninsular War between Napoleon, Wellington and the people of the Iberian Peninsula. Their popular walking tours in Madrid and the surrounding region and featured in numerous travel guides.

Custom Thermal Shades

Custom Thermal Shades is a small Massachusetts company that manufactures custom made-to-order Thermal Insulated Window Treatments. Each shade is hand crafted to your specifications, sewing them one at a time, the old-fashioned way. We’re are here to work with you to design the right Custom Thermal Shades for you, so you can enjoy years of warmth, comfort, and savings.

Jacobs Ladder Business Association

Our mission is to provide opportunities for increased prosperity for existing businesses, as well as development and support for new and emerging businesses, through education, networking, events, and marketing, throughout our western Massachusetts Hilltown region.

Bike Rides For Ordinary People

Bike Rides For Ordinary People organizes free community bike rides in the Greater Boston Area as well as organizing European region and featured in numerous travel guides.

Helping Displace Ukrainians In Poland

In May of 2022, Sandy, Helen and Bruce traveled to Poland to help Ukrainians fleeing the Russians who invaded their country. This blog documents their time, actions and emotions as they learned how horrible a war can be; looking beyond the battles reported in the news


Laurinda Bedingfield Artist

Laurinda Bedingfield is a Somerville, MA based artist who wanted a website that reflects her unique personality and style.

Chester On Track

Chester on Track is an annual community event funded and presented by the Chester Foundation. The website was created to give people all the information they need leading up to the event and to attract more event goers. 

Websites In Various Stages of Development

Room For You

This is the website for a new business looking to develop a community of people of a large number of gender identities. It will tie into product sales and programs.

Nutwood Farm

Under DevelopmentNutwood Farm is a young agroforestry farm growing hybrid hazelnuts, chestnuts, and other perennial edible tree crops in Cummington, MA.
Their goal is to provide delicious, nutrient dense foods for our community while enhancing the fertility, diversity and resilience of the ecosystem we inhabit.

Green Thumb Guru

Ed Sourdiffe has an uncommon gift for growing things, whether plants or ideas. His passion for gardening flourished from an early age, beginning as a hobby for which he displayed an unusual affinity and progressing to a rich career and the status of Master Gardener.

Chester Railway Station and Museum

The Chester Railway Station and Museum houses trains, railroad memorabilia and artifacts from Chester’s railroading days. Come join for a trip down the Chester Railroad memory lane at our 1862 restored Depot and Museum.